Campion Services have been supporting the Education sector since 2008.  We have all been through some tough periods over this time and it is starting to feel that we may just be navigating our way to some form of normality.

March 8th  has been a major turning point and we all hope this continues in the same vein.

Campion Services have continued to help ensure the smooth running of schools through Covid and have continued to be prepared to react to this ever-changing environment.

Campion Recruitment has been offering Interim Contractor services to schools throughout the pandemic to fill in the gaps that have unfortunately been created.

Most recently, we have continued supplying Premises and Caretaking staff, Finance, Admin and HR support as well as interim Business Management consultants to schools throughout London and the South East.  Our database of fully vetted, immediately available consultants also extends to most parts of the UK.

We are here supporting schools and are doing our part to help guarantee an education for our children.