Recently we have been providing our premises and reactive maintenance services to  multiple sites within the Paradigm Trust – a not-for-profit educational trust with schools in Ipswich and Tower Hamlets that are free and open to all.

David O’Sullivan our regional estate manager for Paradigm in the Suffolk region recently began working within the trust.

He currently oversees the running of 3 sites allowing the school to operate with minimal or no interruption.

Tasks include minor repair works to major installations. Heating, air control, electrical, water, and gas are all monitored on a daily basis. David coordinates all contractors to site and ensure they provide all Rams and DBS certs before commencing work.


” The main problem facing me when I started at the trust was Compliance.   Most of the plant paperwork was either not accessible or had no evidence on site.  I have now completed a full certification exercise and are fully compliant, including all statutory certification and testing.

There were also a number of staffing issues.  Our Caretakers are extremely hardworking, however they were often overcome by the demands within the school.  I’ve since put plans into place which has instilled a change in attitude. This has given the caretakers more time to carry out their day to day duties.  They have been praised by team members, have become more efficient and the caretakers are much more positive since implementing these changes.

My favourite part of the role is seeing NO problems with the buildings and also knowing there is now a full PPM system in place.

My transition into the role was very smooth and I received full support from Campion Consultancy.

I’m glad I have been given this opportunity and my experience of working with both Campion’s and the Paradigm Trust has been very positive. “

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