5 reasons to consult a Specialist Education Recruiter when hiring support staff for your school

May 4, 2020 | Recruitment Posts

With a never ending workload, recruitment of support staff within schools has always been a complex and stressful issue.  Support staff play a vital role in any school or academy.

Having the right team ensures pupils can continue to learn in a well structured and safe environment.

What are the benefits of consulting an experienced education recruiter when you are looking to hire support staff in your school?

1. Surprising savings on cost

There are lots of low cost platforms available to advertise online for staff but are they effective in the long term?

It’s not an easy task getting to the point where you have a sufficient short list of suitable, employable candidates.

Above all, the process itself is a fairly long one.  Starting with preparing your advert, marketing and advertising, managing responses, filtering and selecting your candidates and that’s all before the interviews begin. This can be a huge issue for schools.  Sometimes this process may have to be repeated with the knowledge that there’s no guarantee that the result will be a positive one.

Utilising the services of a specialist education recruiter, will help avoid these problems.  They recognise that each school is unique in its requirements.  Having a professional on board can be a cost effective, longer term solution to any staffing issues schools and academies may face.

2. Time you won’t ever have to try and get back

Experienced education recruiters recognise how precious time can be for all staff working hard within their settings.  They value your time as well as theirs.

Taking advantage of their expertise means more time to focus on the day to day running of your school and the more urgent tasks in hand. Above all, they will streamline the recruitment process. Making it a much shorter and smoother journey for all parties involved.

3. A wealth of expertise, experience and knowledge

Enlisting the help of a professional in the education recruitment field can provide schools with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  As this is their specialism, they are constantly up to date with any changes in policy, health & safety and training requirements. They understand these changes and are able to act immediately.

Before you choose a specialist recruiter to work with, it’s essential to ask them for recommendations and referrals from previous schools they have successfully partnered with.  Most experienced education recruiters will happily provide these on request.

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4. Fully vetted and accredited candidates

Working with a recruitment specialist means you have access to a fully updated and robust database of candidates which is constantly being reviewed.  They will ensure that you have access to the best candidates available for any support role that you are hiring for.

Every person presented will be fully vetted, accredited and hold Enhanced DBS certification.  Having access to the strongest, most experienced candidates also means that once hired, they hit the ground running with minimal training and supervision.

5. A trustworthy resource for the long term

Finally, building a relationship with a trustworthy and experienced education recruitment specialist can become a valuable, long term resource for schools.

They will have a friendly and professional approach, through all aspects of the recruitment process and will look to build a personal working relationship that lasts.

School partners also have that reassurance that should a staffing problem present itself, they have an accomplished team already on board who are willing and able to step in.

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