6 tips for being an effective SBM

May 23, 2022 | Recruitment Posts

1. Be proactive

Schools are faced with increasing challenges due to budget restraints and limited resources available to them.

Go out of your way to find out what resources are available to your school, does your school meet the requirements?

How can your school access funding? When will it become available and what are the conditions of the funding?

To bring a sense of control, you can keep up to date with government funding as well as other local grants.

Act ahead and be prepared for any changes in your school’s financial position.

2. Time management

With the increasing demands of an SBM, it is essential to prioritise and allocate time for each and every task.

You can organise with your workload to make the best use of your time.

Effectively managing your time will contribute to improved productivity, efficiency, quality of work and most importantly reduce stress and pressure.

3. Networking

SBMs hold a unique and significant role, occupying responsibility for the management of key functions that are vital and necessary in ensuring efficiency in the operations of the school.

The fast- paced nature of the role can be overwhelming and somewhat leave SBMs feeling isolated.

Therefore, networking with SBMs from local schools can help relieve some of the pressures.

It provides a platform to learn and gain knowledge by sharing practices and tips especially with the rising challenges provided by the uncertainties of Covid.

Gaining perspective presents the opportunity to review existing practices and implement changes to enhance overall efficiency.

4. Seeing the big picture

Remind ourselves that we are here for the children. Try not to get too engrossed in the day-to-day duties.

Hold yourself accountable for every penny and make it count.

The most rewarding part of the job is knowing that we are here to make a change, to make a difference and to ensure the best possible outcome for the children and their learning.

Remind yourself of the purpose and stay focussed, prioritising the outcomes will enable you to enhance efficiency in your work.

5. Expect the unexpected

No two days in a school are the same, so for an SBM, although a to-do-list is needed to plan the day, it is not the best measure of an effective day at work.

Organisation is pivotal due to the conflicting demands of the role and you can never be prepared for the unexpected.

However, with effective time management and a proactive approach, you can stay calm and composed even when faced with unexpected challenges.

It is always helpful to plan in unstructured time to allow you flexibility for those situations that may arise all of a sudden.

6. Distributed leadership

“Great leaders do not create followers, they create more leaders”- Tom Peters

Delegating tasks will get the job done, however distributing leadership with your team enables each member to take ownership and have autonomy in their roles.

Empowering them to take lead in their functions will give them a sense of accountability thus driving positive changes.

A collective sense of shared leadership increases effectiveness as it allows all members to take responsibility and be involved in the decisions that affect their functions directly.

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