7 Simple Tips for Good School Facilities and Premises Management

Mar 21, 2022 | Premises Posts

Effective premises management is key to the smooth running of any school or academy.

With good practices in place, staff and students are free to focus on learning.

With 14 years of providing facilities and premises services to the education sector, our experienced team have come to understand the challenges faced.

From ensuring buildings and grounds are functional day to day, to being fully compliant with Health & Safety regulations and other statutory guidance.  

Here are a few simple tips to aid with better facilities and premises management:

1: Extend the lifecycle of all school premises elements from roofs to doors.

2: To save money on reactive maintenance, manage your team and determine their skill set.

3: Organise and plan large and longer-term projects, such as redecoration and maintenance of the building fabric and playgrounds.

4: To enable preventative maintenance to be scheduled accordingly, identify potential problems via monitoring.

5: Keep a log of all work needed, work being done, and work performed.

6: Provide school management teams with useful reports that will aid accurate capital planning and expenditure.

7: One of a school’s biggest costs is energy.  By installing monitoring measures, energy consumption data will show an overview of where money and energy can be saved.

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