An upskilled and future proof work force

Feb 8, 2019 | Education Recruitment, School Recruitment

Financial pressures on schools to make their budgets go further have led to a demand from our school partners for an ‘upskilled‘ work force. Having new staff with the ability to bring their skills and experience into the workplace is more important now than it has ever been.

Schools & Academies are facing the same issues in keeping their teams conversant and up to date with changing technologies and requirements as those within the private sector. Additional ‘bought’ in training can be costly and if incorrectly administered, might not have the desired effect.

Budget constraints often mean that training goes to the bottom of the list.

Over the years the experience of the Campion recruitment team has seen many of our school partners hiring the services of a contractor with specific abilities and knowledge relevant to the skills gap they need to be addressed within their school.

Looking at the role of the premises staff, in particular, there is a requirement to have Health & Safety knowledge as well as additional skills like plumbing or electrical as well as being computer literate.  Having transferable skills that can be utilised and passed on to other team members directly saves on the cost of outsourcing services.

Our team of Financial consultants are well placed to support School business managers and new Head Teachers because of our experience working in Local Authorities and across the education sector in general. Having a skilled team with the abilities to pass on good practices and support the implementation of new directives is key.

In addition, by offering training and supporting with our financial planning and budget setting services this has proven to be invaluable to our school partners.