Anna Morris, Bursar – New End Primary School, NW3 1HU

Oct 8, 2015 | Customer testimonials

New End Primary School, NW3 1HU

For over a year we have had Campion Premises Officers working in our school. It was refreshing when experienced staff reported for work and took control of the school effectively and efficiently.

It was noticeable, from the first day, the Agency staff knew their way around schools and were polite, friendly and willing to help with any issue. They took over contacting all contractors to get outstanding work completed.

They also took control of security and Health & Safety straight away, and have become high profile at the start and end of school days. They fitted in straight away, as if they had always been here. It has taken so much pressure off of the Senior Leadership Team to be able to have such experienced staff to hand.

New End Primary School, NW3 1HU