Bridget Fagan – Headteacher at John Scurr Primary School

Oct 4, 2012 | Customer testimonials

Ever since her first day with us Louise has provided solid and clear information to support all decision making around budget, financial controls, audit, governance, personnel and project planning.  She has helped our school by training on software tools and systems, she has helped me specifically to steer decision –making around budget which has helped us be prudent and to make swift adjustments as budget share has diminished.  She has provided specific support for the financial sections of the SEF, for the updating of policy and the preparation for OFSTED, she has advised on personnel issues and has managed the contracts for our IT technical advice and ensured best value with Research Machines when planning IT upgrades.

Louise has excellent interpersonal and management skills and is patient and understanding when dealing with difficult people.  She has provided us with an excellent service and she is continuously searching for new ways in which to support through her SLA.  She has helped me to plan finance and full Governors’ meetings and acted as a personal assistant to me whenever needed. She has run financial training for other schools hosted at our school and she has helped our school premises manager, postholders with budgetary responsibilities and SLT with any questions or strategies needed to make decisions affecting budget or personnel.I can recommend Louise highly and value every minute of her time here in school.  She has helped me with scenario planning and has provided information needed for making strategic decisions. I know that our Chair of Governors would agree with all I have written.