Educational support staff recruitment: Important questions to ask when choosing the right candidate for the role

Jun 7, 2022 | Recruitment Posts

We are all working in a very hard market currently.

Whilst recruiting for support staff now, the landscape has totally changed from a couple of years ago.  Support and interim recruitment was a given with pretty much immediate success.

When you engage the services of a consultancy, one of the key requirements you need to guarantee from them is their experience and understanding of exactly what your requirement is and their ability to forward the right candidates to you.

After reviewing your choices in recruiting for your position, you may choose to directly advertise yourselves and manage the entire process.

Important questions to ask when choosing the right candidate for the role

Whether you decide to work with an agency or not, to help you make the right decision on the candidates you have interviewed, here are several questions you need to ask yourself before you make any offer: –

● Is the candidate highly adaptive?

Can they be flexible in their approach given different sets of parameters?

● Do they ask great questions?

This is always an excellent indicator in showing you their enthusiasm and eagerness to understand more.

● Are they team players?

Always an essential, can you rely on them to be as comfortable working with others as well as working on their own.

● Are they enthusiastic about people and relationships?

Again, a great indicator, showing you how they would approach new situations and if they will have the ability to look at the resources around them and make use of them.

● Can they admit to mistakes?

Essential – this will show strength of character as well as showing you that they understand that mistakes will be made.  It’s how they move forward from them that matters

● Do they see learning as a positive?

It is incredibly important to be willing to learn new skills or even to re-assess what you already know.

A candidate who sees learning as a negative or a burden, may not be right for you or your school.


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