EXPERIENCED Examinations Officer, Waltham Forest

This job requires the post holder to have flexible working arrangements to include additional hours over the examination period and TOIL during quieter periods. There is a requirement to work on results day (which will be during the summer holidays).

Salary: £30,699.00-£32,265.00 per year

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Expected start date: 03/04/2023


Overall responsibility for all Exams (internal, external, mock, all subjects, etc) and exam related activities across nursery, Primary and Secondary phases.

In view of the nature of the post and the environment in which the post holder works, the maintenance of confidentiality in all aspects of the job is essential.


· Maintain and develop systems to manage and coordinate all aspects of the exams administration


  • Research and understand qualifications and how they are assessed
  • Comply with JCQ, CAIE and awarding body regulations, guidance and instructions and keep abreast of developments/changes/updates

· Manage own time effectively to ensure key tasks are undertaken and external key dates and deadlines are met

· Communicate clear internal deadlines and processes for gathering/sharing exam-related information from/with relevant internal stakeholders

  • Brief candidates/staff/parents/carers on examination regulations and requirements
  • Actively support the Head of Centre in co-operating with the JCQ Centre Inspection Service, an awarding body or a regulatory authority when subject to an inspection, an investigation or an unannounced visit
  • Manage arrangements to receive, check and store confidential question papers and examination material safely and securely at all times and for as long as required in accordance with the regulations
  • Contribute to the creation/review/update of exam-related policies/procedures as required by the regulations and accurately reflect working practices in the centre
  • Support the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), and Head of Learning Support, in implementing examination access arrangements and reasonable adjustments for eligible candidates
  • Maintain and develop systems to manage and coordinate all aspects of the internal exams process.


· Observe the awarding bodies’ published terms, conditions and processes for the registration or entry and withdrawal of candidates for their examinations/assessments

  • Register or enter candidates for an examination or assessment in accordance with the awarding bodies’ published procedures and published deadline for that qualification
  • Implement processes and liaise with relevant internal stakeholders to gather correct entry information to internal deadlines implementing strategies to avoid late (or other penalty) fees Verify the identity of all students that are entered for examinations/assessments
  • Effectively use internal and external IT systems to submit and manage awarding body registration and entry data
  • Liaise with Finance to ensure fees are paid as instructed and at the time specified by the awarding bodies
  • Liaise with relevant internal stakeholders to ensure final entries/registrations that have been submitted to an awarding body are regularly monitored, submitting timely changes (amendments/withdrawals) to ensure candidates take the correct papers at the correct time and enabling awarding bodies to deliver accurate results to the centre.


  • Manage the arrangements for the timetabling, rooming, seating, resourcing and invigilation of examinations in accordance with the regulations
  • Effectively resolve exam timetable clashes and manage overnight supervision arrangements (where arrangements may be required after all other options have been explored) in accordance with the regulations
  • Ensure all candidates are notified of their examination entries and the dates and times of their examinations/assessments in accordance with the regulations
  • Ensure all candidates are aware of the JCQ, CAIE and awarding body information and regulations regarding the conduct of their examinations/assessments in advance of these taking place
  • Confirm relevant internal stakeholders’ complete administrative tasks associated with centre assessed work in an accurate and timely manner in accordance with the requirements of awarding bodies and moderators
  • Support the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) (and Head of Learning Support) in implementing examination access arrangements or reasonable adjustments for eligible candidates (appropriate arrangements for rooming, resourcing, facilitation, invigilation etc.)
  • Effectively manage arrangements for the secure storage and dispatch of examination scripts for marking

During examinations:

Exam time:

  • Effectively manage the conduct of examinations in accordance with JCQ/CAIE regulations and/or awarding body rules
  • Ensure all exam accommodation is prepared in accordance with the requirements
  • Inform the JCQ Centre Inspection Service of any alternative site that may be used by the centre to conduct timetabled examinations
  • Effectively deploy fully trained invigilators to exam rooms according to the requirements
  • Manage unexpected issues/irregularities which may affect the conduct of examinations
  • Support the head of centre in investigating and reporting cases of suspected or actual malpractice in connection with an examination as required by the JCQ, CAIE and awarding bodies
  • Manage emergency access arrangements for eligible candidates as the need may arise during exam time
  • Maintain the confidentiality and security of candidates’ responses and dispatch scripts according to the requirements
  • Submit to the published timescales, relevant follow-up reporting to awarding bodies in relation to the very late arrival of candidates for examinations and applications for special consideration where candidates meet the published criteria.

After examinations:

Results and Post-Results:

  • Ensure candidates and relevant internal stakeholders are aware of processes, key dates and deadlines in relation to the issue of results and the arrangements for post-results services
  • Plan, prepare for, and manage the restricted release of results and the distribution of provisional statements of results in accordance with JCQ regulations and/or awarding body rules
  • Effectively use internal and external IT systems to access and manage awarding body results information
  • Understand awarding body results indicators and provide support for relevant internal stakeholders in accessing results reports/analysis tools
  • Effectively follow internal procedures to administer post-results services in accordance with the regulations to the published deadlines
  • Manage and administer the receipt, distribution and retention of examination certificates according to the regulations


· These above-mentioned duties are neither exclusive nor exhaustive and the postholder may be required to carry out other duties as required by the School.

· Always to perform duties in all elements of the role in a professional manner and with integrity, mindful of confidentiality as appropriate.

· To be committed to, and comply with, all school policies.

· To comply with all provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, any other relevant legislation and with all school Policy and Practice relating to Health and Safety at Work.

· To participate in appraisals annually, in line with school policy.

· To participate in continuing professional development opportunities as identified in appraisals and ensuring ability to fulfil role effectively.

· To manage both internal and external relationships, striving for excellence in stakeholder satisfaction.

· To work effectively and successfully in your team within school.

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

To find out more and apply, please email lucy@campionconsultancy.org.uk