Financial Health Check

Sep 11, 2018 | Financial Services News

Since the DfE launched the financial health check aimed at schools & trusts in 2016, at
Campion we wonder if that is something that schools are interested in?


There are 3 levels available: –

Check 1: Review- A short financial health check of the school
or trust’s current position to test if systems, skills and procedures could be improved,
and to aid longer term capacity development.

Check 2: Investigate -To address specific issues identified by schools and trusts,
and to manage financial pressures effectively whilst maintaining or improving
educational standards.

Check 3: Resolve- In-depth support to plan and deliver change for schools or
trusts in financial difficulty.

Having the ability to self- assess your school’s financial health & efficiency is surely a good

What are the ways in which your school reviews its current position and identifies risks and

How do you take appropriate action?

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