Is it time to change your cleaning contractor?

Jun 8, 2023 | Cleaning Posts

With a significant amount of our day spent at school, maintaining a clean and safe environment is crucial for the well being of both staff and pupils.

Many schools outsource to cleaning companies to ensure that their facilities are consistently clean, with standards kept to a good level.  But what happens if standards start to slip, there is a high turnover of staff or communication is poor?  

Some of these things may indicate that it’s time to change your cleaning contractor.


High turnover of staff or unhappy staff

For an excellent level of cleanliness in schools, cleaning staff should be experienced and reliable, keeping standards consistent.  If you notice a high turnover of staff, this can impact the quality of cleaning.  Staff should also be happy and supported in their workplace.  If working conditions, poor pay or inadequate training is given, these factors can also impact staff turnover and overall wellbeing.

Poor cleaning standards

If you consistently notice poor cleaning standards, then it may be time to switch your current contract. Regular audits and monitoring of work can help with identifying any issues that are ongoing with performance and if you still have issues, then it may be time for a change!

Not enough training

Your current contractor should have invested in staff training and be making sure that their employees have the relevant certification, in order to safely clean and to a high standard.  Things like COSHH training and general health and safety certification should be noted.

Poor communication

For any successful business partnership to flourish, communication and accountability are essential.  A lack of conversation or failure to resolve any ongoing concerns can lead to a breakdown in trust and also the quality of service being provided.  Issues should be resolved promptly and communication should be ongoing between the school and cleaning company, for the duration of the contract.

Limited services offered

Cleaning requirements often change and grow, depending on the needs of the school.  Additional services, like a holiday clean or deep clean are often needed. A reputable and experienced cleaning contractor will be flexible with their services and able to tailor them to the specific needs of your school.

Why choose Campions for school cleaning?

If your current contract is due for renewal or you are looking for a change with competitive rates with annual service level agreements, we can help!  Our school cleaning service offers fully vetted, flexible and reliable staff, ensuring your school is kept clean and safe everyday.

All of our cleaning operatives have access to COSHH training  and have Enhanced Disclosures.

Some other key points to note:

  • We charge £20 per hour.
  • We pay our staff NJC scale 1 – £13.57 per hour.
  • We have local, fully vetted and experienced staff, ready to start immediately.
  • A personalized approach to working with our schools – we will help you find the right solution.
  • A friendly and experienced team who are on hand to help.

If you would like to know more about our school cleaning services, give us a call on 0208 819 3231 or pop Lucy an email on: