School Caretaker- School Premises Manager Job Description

May 26, 2016 | Health and Safety, Job Profiles, Premises & Facilities Management, Premises Services News

Our last post was in relation to ‘How to Cope in Caretaking‘ we thought it might be useful to know whats involved in a School Caretaker/School Premises Manager role as it is a vital role in running a School or Academy successfully.

Caretakers attend to buildings such as community centres, schools and other buildings. The role of the caretaker is to ensure the buildings are well-maintained safe, secure & clean . If you enjoy DIY, you may consider becoming a caretaker. As a caretaker you will need practical skills to carry out minor repairs, you need to be able to manage your own workload and you will also need a good awareness of health, safety, security and hygiene issues (There are health and safety courses you can attend).

Practical skills such as woodwork and DIY would be useful and your skills and ability to do the job will often be more important than any qualifications.

It could also be an advantage if you have relevant work experience. You will also need Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance to work in schools.

Your tasks as a school caretaker or school premises manager would vary depending on the particular job, but could include:

  • supervising cleaning staff
  • carrying out day-to-day maintenance and minor repairs
  • booking outside contractors for major repair work
  • making sure that heating, lighting and alarm systems are working properly
  • making sure that doors and windows are locked when the building is not in use
  • checking the premises to guard against vandalism or break-ins
  • opening up the building in the morning and locking it at the end of the day
  • arranging chairs and tables for meetings and clearing away afterwards
  • ordering fuel, cleaning materials, new equipment and furniture
  • taking bookings if rooms in the building are available for hire.

Some schools will include minibus driving duties as part of your contract, for instance, for taking pupils out on educational visits.

You could also be employed as a mobile caretaker, responsible for several different sites.

Skills, interests and qualities as a Caretaker

To become a school caretaker/school premises manager , you will need:

  • practical DIY skills to carry out minor repairs
  • the ability to manage your own workload
  • good problem solving skills
  • the ability to supervise cleaning staff and manage contractors
  • awareness of health, safety, security and hygiene issues
  • to be physically fit
  • a willingness to work flexibly.

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