Karen Little – Business Manager at Halley Primary School

Oct 4, 2012 | Customer testimonials

Financial support

Louise’s knowledge on the subject of school finance appears to me to be encyclopaedic – whenever I am unable balance an account she has resolved the issue.  Not only does she come in once a month but if there is an urgent issue she will ‘pop by’ or take the data file to work on over the weekend.  She is contactable by phone and e-mail and never fails to return a missed call.  She enabled Halley to achieve a substantial assessment for audit and FMSIS when I was a new member of staff.


Campion consultancy provide recruitment advice not only has she helped out recently by placing temporary administrative staff but she provided support when recruiting my post.


If we didn’t use Campion Consultancy for provision of our finance software we would have to purchase direct and there would be a substantial financial implication.  Louise negotiates a multi-user contract therefore obtaining cost savings for schools.


From my point of view I believe I would not be as effective in my role as I am, if I had not had the training, advice and support provided by Louise.  She is unstinting in her teaching, explaining in as much depth as I need and want, at a pace to suit me, if necessary repeating instruction with patience and exercising rapport on any subject within the remit of school business management.  In addition she has mentored me through my CSBM encouraging me when it seemed impossible and providing practical guidance in support of my learning.  She went above and beyond the call of duty by continuing to support me during the summer holidays.


Working in a small primary school can be quite isolating, one does not meet other school administrative staff.  Through our connection with Louise we have access to sharing practice with other schools.  In addition she facilitates a training day once a year which not only provides information on subjects of interest but offers the opportunity to network with staff from other schools.  Louise has been able to put me in direct contact with other School Business Managers, enabling me to visit other schools to share practice and ideas.

I would like to say that I believe Campion Consultancy provide best value…