Need a little help in managing your School finances during the difficult times?

Nov 27, 2020 | Finance Posts

The day-to-day distractions of COVID-19 are pressing on Schools’ time.  Adjustments to the way you work, staff absence, competing demands, all add to the challenges schools are facing.

What’s changed?

Amid the requirements for managing the pandemic, the day-to-day financial routines can slide. Thoughts of next year’s budget planning, a finance return and maintaining consistency are replaced with fire-fighting the impact COVID-19 and the raft of guidance that brings.

Staff absence has increased and that only adds to the pressure.  An absence in the Finance Office can mean important procedures and deadlines are missed.  Regrettably, in many areas of the UK there has been little, if any, relaxation of deadlines.

With the need to reduce infection, many staff are self-isolating or working remotely and that too requires adjustment.  Financial procedures may be different – remote authorisation of invoices, for example – and these need to be formally adopted.

How is Campion supporting schools through the pandemic?

Our Education Finance Support team is busy providing on-site and remote support to help schools and academies through these difficult times.

We can offer a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure your financial operations and procedures continue and remain compliant, despite the present challenges.

Whether you are struggling with staff absence, or just need a little extra capacity, why not let Campion provide that support?

How can Campion help?

We offer complete financial management support and advice for schools, academies and MATs.  Our services include budget planning and monitoring, statutory returns, recruitment of finance personnel, finance supply cover, financial controls, finance training and more.

Whether you are a School Business Professional, a Headteacher or Governor, contact us now as we can offer tailor-made packages to suit your school’s needs.