Premises Manager – Tower Hamlets, E2

Over the past thirty-seven years I have worked in property development and refurbishment, and in school premises management.  

For the first twenty-six, I contracted as a sole-trading self-employed joiner, mainly for home-owners refurbishing their properties, but also for landlords, offices, churches etc.  I would establish my clients’ requirements and then deliver them on time and on budget.

As on-site Carpenter/Joiner, I regularly acted as de facto Clerk of Works, co-ordinating, collaborating with, and organising various allied tradesmen on behalf of my clients. In the process, I learned skills in brick-laying, plastering/rendering, tiling, basic plumbing, and painting/decorating, along with a sound layman’s understanding of gas, heating and electrical systems.

In the last thirteen years I have worked as Site Manager in three separate Primary Schools, and one Secondary,  supervising a variety of projects, including major construction, whilst maintaining a safe, functioning site for children, staff, parents and the general public.

In order to reinforce my extensive practical experience, I gained the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (with credit) and completed the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme.

I have good interpersonal communication skills, practical and analytical abilities and a robust work ethic encapsulating a strong belief in providing a kindly, professional, safe service.


2021: Asbestos Awareness Training in Schools Refresher Certificate

2021: Lone Working in Schools Certificate

2021: Fire Warden Training for Schools Certificate

2021: Fire Safety Training for Schools Certificate

2021: COSHH Risk Assessment Training for Schools Certificate

2021: Manual Handling for Schools Certificate

2021: Fire Safety Training in Schools for Premises Officers

2021: COSHH Training in Schools Certificate

2021: Risk Assessment Training for Schools – Premises Officer Certificate

2019: Site Safety Supervisor Training Scheme Certificate

2018: National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety 

NEBOSH 2018: Certificate of Completion Legionnaires 

2018: Training Certification in 

  • Slips Trips and Falls
  • Fire Warden
  • Safeguarding and Prevent
  • Fire Awareness
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • School Environmental Awareness
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Manual Handling
  • Managing Safety

2017: OCR Entry Level Award in Using ICT (Entry 3)

2017: Health and Safety Awareness, Risk Assessments and Method Statements; Control of Substances Hazardous to Health and Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Marshal

2017: General Channel Awareness Completed


2014: UKATA Certificate of Training – Asbestos Awareness Pass

2008: Electrical Safety, Basic Plumbing, Ladders, Steps and Trestles, Mobile Towers Basic Glazing

1979 – 1980: Self-funded bespoke year-long course in Bench Joinery 


Senior Premises Manager

Academy Totteham

October 2020 to March 2022 

Duties as outlined in previous roles below, along side the oversight of lettings out of school hours (in the evenings and at weekends).

Premises Manager 

Primary School April 2019 – July 2020 

Primary School – October 2017 – April 2019

  • To coordinate contractors, of all trades, monitoring satisfactory completion of works to an agreed timescale.
  • To ensure CCP, MSs, SSWs, RAs, and PWs are all in place;
  • To manage cleaning staff and supervisors to ensure proper standards of hygiene and safe working practices;
  • To ensure safety and welfare of all persons on site during scheduled works; 
  • To liaise with out-of-hours security officers (ensuring correct functioning of CCTV, burglar alarms etc.);
  • To guarantee the full, uninterrupted functioning of the School’s programme/premises;
  • Ensuring correct operation of heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Liaising with Authorities such as the London Fire Brigade, Local Council, London Diocese Board for Schools, and HSE, to ensure compliance with H&S law vis HSWA’74 and HSWR’99 (COSSH 2002, RRFSO 2005, CAR 2012, Legionella Regulations 2013, Safeguarding and Prevent etc.).
  • To monitor plant rooms and kitchens for Gas Safety and good order, rectify first-line faults found and/or engage relevant contractors as necessary; 
  • To maintain register of visitors and contractors and advise same of evacuation procedures, Fire Assembly points etc. 
  • To test Fire Alarm Systems by activating individual Manual Call-Points (MCPs), in rotation by Fire Zones, for correct operation of alarm sounders/flashing lights/ Dorguards etc. To log same;
  • To visually inspect Fire-Fighting Equipment (e.g. Extinguishers and Fire Blankets) for condition, and maintain written records.
  • To manually test battery-operated smoke detector alarms, maintain and log.

         In School holidays

  • To test all Fire Zones by all MCPs, check and log;
  • To activate emergency lighting, monitor for correct functioning and allow for battery recharge.                             

       In term-time

  • To conduct Fire-Drills for emergency evacuation, simulating varying conditions.
  • Test of (Battery-operated) smoke detector alarms; to attend service maintenance engineers
  • To collaborate/cooperate/coordinate with lessees/event managers for full FSO compliance.
  • To undertake site tours with external Fire Safety Advisors, London Fire Brigade, Local Authorities etc. and action recommendations promptly;
  • To conduct -with School Business Manager and Head Teacher- yearly review of extant Fire Risk Assessments, Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans etc. check records, recommend and implement corrective actions as required.
  • To contact authorities, meet with Fire crews, provide building plans, keys and reports/registers from fire wardens. To isolate Gas/Electrical mains and tackle fire if safe so to do
  • To ensure correct labelling and safe storage of potentially Hazardous Substances according to COSHH regulations;
  • To unlock and open, checking for damage/ break-ins; to secure school premises, operate intruder alarms manage safekeeping of the keys.
  • To flush water pipes and check water tanks are clear of any visible contamination;
  • To evaluate and assess weather conditions (snow, frost, ice etc) clearing and gritting relevant areas;
  • To inspect regularly (with records kept) ladders, play equipment etc. decommissioning unsafe equipment;
  • To monitor full functioning and timing of external lighting systems, and correct as necessary;
  • To manage of waste disposal (including recycling), Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment etc
  • Extraordinary Projects – In this year, there has been a heavy emphasis on the safe removal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) from the premises with satisfactory results.
  • To ensure good supply of drinking water, soap, toilet paper, hand towels etc., to maintain and re-order stocks;
  • Clear and control general health hazards (Body fluids, vermin excrement etc.)
  • General DIY and property maintenance.
  • To take receipt of and distribute deliveries to the school;
  • To clear drains, toilets, gutters and gullies and/or engaging external contractors as necessary;
  • To set up school furniture and equipment as necessary for school functions.

Site Manager

Primary and Nursery School

October 2007 – September 2017 

  • General duties outlined as above

Extra-Ordinary Construction/ Demolition/Excavation Projects 

Under my supervision, this site grew from a single to double-form entry school (expanding each “bulge” year). My duties included:

  • Meeting with Principle Designers and Principle Contractors to propose and implement improvements, in line with the school’s requirements; 
  • Implementing Health and Safety (H&S) policy, referencing H&S files, Construction Phase Plan (CPP) ensuring co-operation, co-ordination, and information with all parties involved; 
  • Meeting with sub-contractors, agreeing Method Statements (MS), Safe Systems of Work (SSW), Risk Assessments (RAs) and issuing Permits to Work (PWs). Checking for clearance, and either cancellation or extension; 
  • Ensuring correct usage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), supplying welfare facilities

To find out more about our Premises Manager please email or call 0208 819 3231.