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Apr 20, 2021 | Recruitment Posts

Key skills a recruiter possess fundamental to the success or failure of any recruitment, will always include active listening and relationship building.

Knowing your clients and candidates is paramount to a successful placement, first time.

Our success has been built over the many years of working with schools who trust in us and our straightforward service.

We are very proud to say that a large proportion of our business is repeat and referral.  This can only be achieved by fully understanding our client’s requirements and expectations and delivering the right solution with a candidate that we trust and have the same level of relationship with.

Even with over 20 years of Education Sector recruitment experience, the last 14 months or so, has again proven that you never stop learning, you never stop adapting and that you should NEVER let an important relationship lapse!  We have continued supporting our clients through Covid, strengthening old and creating new connections along the way.

The learning curve that was 2020 and is still 2021 has highlighted changing attitudes within certain areas of recruitment.

For us, we have seen a massive shift from schools having to be very reactive towards what the emergencies were and covering with temps and contractors, to now where we do have the level of security, yes tentative, but secure enough for schools to be more proactive in their forward planning for more permanent recruitment and overdue project work that had to be put on the “Back burner”!

As we continue to work our way through 2021, we approach it with adaptability, flexibility and full awareness of the situation, continually offering excellent client and candidate care alike.