The Key – Trusted advice and resources you can rely on

Apr 18, 2023 | Recruitment Posts

Our team have been busy getting to know the brilliant membership service that is The Key –  the leading provider of support for schools and trusts.

The Key is a can-do collective of experts, writers, strategic thinkers, researchers and technologists who are deeply committed to serving the needs and championing the perspective of education leaders across the country.

What is The Key Leaders?

The Key Leaders is the only support service trusted by over half of all schools in England as they navigate each and every challenge thrown their way, even the ones they don’t see coming. Turn to them for guidance you can trust with every decision you’ll make. So you know you’ll get it right, every time.

Included in The Key Leaders:

  • Thousands of up-to-the-minute articles on all aspects of school and trust leadership
  • Hundreds of templates, letters and proformas to give you a headstart
  • Curated weekly emails tailored to your job role with supporting resources
  • Ready-to-use checklists to keep you confident you’ve got everything covered
  • All the lawyer-approved model policies you need so you know your school or trust is compliant
  • Need-to-know news alerts on crucial changes in the sector with actionable next steps that cut through the noise
  • Case studies where you can draw inspiration from our network of schools and trusts

Who is the Key Leaders For?

Support for your entire team including:


Trust leaders and their central teams 

Deputy and Assistant Heads

School Business Managers



Middle Leaders


For more information on The Key support visit: or call 0800 061 4500