Unmanageable workloads grinding down teachers

Nov 20, 2015 | In the News

Eighty per cent of school staff say their workload is still unmanageable one year on from the Government’s Workload Challenge, according to an Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) survey. Responding to the survey, 81% of teachers and 85% of senior leaders said their workload was unmanageable.

The situation is slightly better, but still unsustainable, for support staff with 54% feeling their workload is unmanageable. In addition, four in five (82%) school staff say they have considered leaving teaching as a result of their workload. These are the preliminary figures from an ATL survey of teachers, senior leaders (excluding heads) and support staff working in state-funded schools in England.

Despite the warm words from Nicky Morgan following the Workload Challenge, to which 44,000 teachers responded, the Government is still responsible for much of the workload facing teachers. Over nine in ten teachers (91% overall, 94% of teachers, 95% of senior leaders) say having fewer changes to the curriculum would make the most difference to their workload. In addition, 76% say having a more reliable inspection system would cut their workload.

The other most significant ways to reduce workload, according to education staff, would be cutting admin such as photocopying (cited by 79%), having an appraisal objective to reduce workload (78%), having a school work-life balance policy (77%), fewer meetings (75%), being able to choose how and how often to mark (74%) and better programmes for data entry and analysis (70%). Dr Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), said: “A year on from the Government’s Workload Challenge and it seems little has improved for school staff.

ATL’s survey shows eight in ten teachers and senior leaders still think their workload is unmanageable, and many others say their workload is only manageable if they work late every evening and at weekends.


Download the Press Release (.PDF) from Association of Teachers and Lecturers


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